Making It My Own

Writing is how we think our way into a subject and make it our own.–William Sinsser

It’s been a while, and I hate it. I did anyway, and now it’s been even longer, and I want to hate it. A day then a week went by, and sometimes I haven’t even cared. I think we can only deal with so much until something takes the backseat. My something was this.

I love writing. I love it and feel giddy and electric–eyes shining and heart pounding–afterward and then immediately find myself craving more. And yet, sometimes it feels like too much. Too much because my kind of writing is more like therapy, I think. And therapy is oh-so personal. If you’ve fully taken the blessed and grueling opportunity of being in therapy, well, sometimes you feel like sharing and sometimes you just smile and nod. Or the tears begin to fall and before you know it, your face is red and splotchy

Fully writing the way I want to means opening up more about my story and processing it and putting it out there. It is that, MY story, and every day it becomes so much more than it was the day before. And sometimes I need to just mull it over like eating a jawbreaker (trying to rush it is useless).

And then today out of the blue, my eyes ran across these words–Please Keep Sharing Your Story.

So here we are.

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