Learning to Receive

With the holidays wrapping up, I’ve been thinking about how we are bombarded with shopping deals and images of things we begin to believe we need. Yet, there are reminders around this season as we show love to others and remember why we even celebrate, giving without expecting to receive. That’s what was modeled for us when Jesus was born — a gift given to us, no strings attached. 

Some of us give, give, give all year long, our time, our money, our talents, but sometimes the strangest thing happens. We refuse kindnesses that are shown to us. Yes, we hear it’s better to give than receive, but we should allow others to show love to us. And that can be hard.

You know that awkward moment after having dinner with a friend when you offer to pay and the person argues with you about it? I have been that person…or I deflected a compliment someone gave me until it lost its star power (and probably left the compliment-giver frustrated).

Why do we refuse? Why do we argue rather than choosing to let someone do something thoughtful for us? I’m sure there are lots of reasons, and I know for me, it has to do with the issue of worthiness. Sometimes I struggle to appreciate aspects of myself (usually during stressful times when I’m so frazzled I find a measuring cup left in a bag of frozen berries or forget why I walked into a room when I went in there to look for something I lost). Then, I feel like I should be making better choices and SOMEHOW I could have made my circumstances different if I had just done something else rather than what I did. That’s when I have a tough time being on the receiving end of something special.

It’s a challenge to receive the truth about ourselves, isn’t it? We are worthy of respect and love and kindness of others–whether we feel and believe and know it or not, whether it’s a good day or a tough one. We have been lovingly made and are worth the time God and others pour into us everyday. These gifts do not exclude any one person on this Earth, despite our imperfections, mistakes and sometimes horrible choices.

I am learning more and more to receive the truth of my worthiness everyday. I’ve been thanking God for this, and you know what I’ve noticed?Image It’s settling around my shoulders like a warm blanket on a winter’s day.

What a gift.